About Us


Born in West Bromwich in 1962 and lived in Vicarage Road.

Went to St John Bosco Primary in Hateley Heath and then Stuart Bathurst in Wednesbury

Started work at Westwood's Butchers in Vicarage Road when I was 14, delivering orders and cleaning up after a days trade

Left school in 1978 and got offered 3 jobs and took the one working for Marsh & Baxters in Carters Green, left them in 1979 to work for Tesco's in West Brom where I worked my way up to manage the Meat Dept in many stores throughout the UK.

Left Tesco's in 1984 to work for the co-op all around the Midlands.

In 1987 I went to work for Jack Hughes (Hughes the Butchers), managing his shop in Handsworth Wood where I eventually bought the shop off Jack in 1988 and stayed there untill 1999 where I left to work for Firkins the Baker, managing their ordering for meat products and processing.

Left Firkins in 2003 to work for Trophy Foods in Wednesbury and left there in 2006 to work for myself as a postcard dealer (postcards was my hobby)

Married Karen, bought a shop and bought a house all in 1988

Along came Annie in 1996 and Mathew followed in 2003

Lived in Clive Street since 1999

And here I am now, over 20,000 postcards sold later...starting up a West Bromwich website (which I should have done years ago !) and watching West Bromwich change