West Bromwich Town Hall

From the High Street

From where Christ's Church stood which is now the Job Centre

Taken from close to where the Old Main Post Office was

Part of the Carved Stone Pillars which represents the month of April, these are situated at the Main Entrance



The Photos Below were taken by me on 17th October 2008, Many thanks to John Hill, John Cooper for letting us look around the Town Hall and Anne Wilkins for giving me the contact numbers

Master Pendulum Clock, Electric Synchronome, situated in the main corridor

When first installed the Master Clock controlled and kept time for all of the other 'Slave' clocks. Unfortunately, these clocks over the years, have suffered the fate of neglect, so there are only four clocks and the Master Clock remaining

This Master clock suffered at the hands of vandals in the early 1990s and took a while to get repaired by experts 17/10/2008

Main Hall showing the Organ 17/10/2008

Left and Right Hand Side Pillars looking towards the Organ 17/10/2008

2 Views from the Balcony 17/10/2008

Stained Glass facing Lodge Road 17/10/2008

Stairwell under the Lodge Road Stained Glass 17/10/2008

In the Basement, Now used by The Public Library for storage 17/10/2008

Basement, Secure storage for The Library 17/10/2008

The Old Town Hall switchboard gathering dust in the Basement 17/10/2008