The next 2 Photos were donated to the site by Steve Jones and taken by the late John Evans (Copyright 'The Steve Jones Collection') 

Many thanks to Steve for allowing us to see these Photos and for his hard work in preserving these wonderfull shots

Swan Village Railway Station c1950s (© The Steve Jones Collection 1911)

© The Steve Jones Collection 1911

The next 3 Photos were donated by Craig Lloyd, who was brought up in Hargate Lane until he was 18

Craig's Dad, John Lloyd, his Dad (Craig's Grandfather) Horace Lloyd and his Dad's younger BrotherTerence Lloyd, sitting on a bench in Dartmouth Park (All 3 are sadly no longer with us)

Gas Tanks at Black Lake, near to where the Metro Line is now c 1960s


The next 4 Photos were donated to the site by Allan, many thanks to Allan for the great shots !

This group photo shows Steel Parts employees sitting on a tank so I would have thought it was taken during or just after the War ?
Steel Parts, I believe was in Brickhouse Lane / Bagnall Street, Golds Hill and was known as the Spartan Works and Allan's Mother in Law worked there
 Do you know anyone on here or who worked there (I can email you a larger scan if you let me know)
Steel Parts 'Wenches'...Do you know any of them ?
 On the High Street on the last day you could drive down it. The High Street was closed for traffic the very next day
We don't know the date of this other than it was the last day, I reckon it's the early 1970s and probably taken on a Sunday
If you look closley, on the left with the boarding on the pavement by the Mini, that used to be the entrance to the Old Market Hall where the wind used to blow through, cutting you in half in the winter !
 Shops & filling Station (now all demolished) in Biddleston Grove, Yew Tree Estate with Bermuda Mansions in the Background.
This was taken from the top floor of the 21 story Churchill House around 1970
 The next few Photos have been taken from 35mm Slides so they are not so sharp but are a fantastic insight into West Brom in the late 60s early 70s
There are a couple I am stuck on but no doubt you will know where they are !
The Expressway looking towards the Green ???
Now, this one has got us going after much deliberation I am sure it's the Expressway being built looking towards Carters Green Island, the Gas Tanks would be in the right place as you are going down the Expressway and that house that just ends on the right looks really familar ....Imay be wrong...What do you think ??
 Digger in Reform St by Dartmouth Park Main entrance
Many thanks to all of you who put me right on this one !
This was taken just outside the toilet block which is still there
 Having a 'Chin Wag' in Lombard Street c1970 
Looking dowh the High Street c1970
K & J building on the left
 St Michaels Street from New Street c 1970
This is a cracking shot, an area of the Town which has really changed
St Michaels on the right and many of the 'Young un's' don't realise that the Star & Garter was never on the corner opposite !
Town Hall looking towards Carters Green c1970
 Churchfields from All Saints Street (Now All saints Way) by Stanway Road  c1970
Looking at Churchfields from top end of Stanway Road c1970
 Looking at Lyndon from Tenscore Street (All Saints Way) c1970
 Maisonettes on All Saint's Street (Now All Saints Way) c 1970
In the distance you can see the old Post Office, long gone, on the corner of Esher Road
Houses on Scott Street (Now top end of  All Saint's Way just passed the hospital) c1970
 Hargate Lane School c1970
 Many thanks to Mike Fenton for the next 5 wonderful photos
Group of residents outside a shop owned by Janet Timmins (pictured front row, 3rd from left) in Beale Street during the Coronation of Elizabeth 2nd.
Do you know any of the others?

 Group outside Grafton Rd Stores
Joan Seymour (Aunt) Jean Seymour  Aunt) Gwen Seymour (Mother) Hazel ? Jean Morral, Janet Timmins, Sheila Reeves Eileen Green, Jean Oliver, Marjorie Stevens, Margaret Hartill, ?
 Aunt Beatty (on the left) and Aunt Lily standing outside the stores
They are holding Mike's cousins, Sue Hassall and Sheila Payne
 Betty Richards standing outside the Stores
Grandmother Annie Robbins in Grafton Road Stores
 Many thanks to Matt Turton for the next 4 Photos
Dad, George Turton posing for Tantany Rovers? on the Jesson playing field (Middle front row)
  Mom (Linda Turton - Nee Patrick) at Black Lake School (Bottom row, third from the left)

Dad, George Turton in the garden of 2 Ruskin Street

Great Nan Evans knitting in the garden of 2 Ruskin Street 

 Edwin (Ron) Roberts on the High Street c1932

Many thanks to Heather Roberts for the Photo

Heather has only been to West Brom once but both sides of her husbands family came from here, her husbands Grandfather, Edwin Roberts, known as Ron, was born in 1913 at 175 High Street and is seen here on the right in his plus fours, her husbands Mother was born at 75 High Street, Heather thinks this was a Haberdashers type of shop, run by either Sheins or Walkdens, but Heather isn't sure.

When they Married the Roberts family moved to 12 Legge St and anyone who has any info can get in touch

 Hill Top Girls School winners of the Town Sports Competition 1963/64

Many thanks to Terry Howes for the photo, his wife is on the far right, Ireen Flowers and needs help naming a few of the others

Left to Right...One of the Lawley Twins.....?.....Barbara Ball......?......?......Ireen Flowers


Many thanks to Neil Baldwyn for the next few Photos of his Parents, Vic & May Baldwyn, who were publicans in West Bromwich for 25 years
They were at the Oddfellows between 1962 to 1966, from there they moved to the Hen & Chickens at Hill Top up till 1978 and then moved onto the Salters Club in Roebuck Lane, The Warriors Club in Beeches Road, The Public Works Club on Cronehills and then the Hatley Heath Working Mens Club
 Vic & May Baldwyn behind the Bar at the Oddfellows, Carters Green c1962
 Behind the Bar at the Hen & Chickens
May & Beryl in the lounge at the Hen & Chickens (??...Neil would like to know if this name Beryl is right....do you recognise her ??)
Express & Star cutting
 The Old Church from Walsall Rd c1920

 Bus Station 28/12/2001

A nice shot of the Bus Station donated by Rob Adams before the development of the new one on the ringway, here now stands the pUBLIC Arts Building

 Emmies Pawn Shop, 9 Hargate Lane, VE Day Party 1945

Many thanks to Joan Collins for the Photo (Joan is on the front row, 5th from left with her sister Shelia 4th from Left)

West Bromwich Metro Station 15th July 1996

Many thanks to Bob Crump who donated the next 5 photos taken by his late Father, Les Crump, a fantastic insight into one of the best things to come to West Brom for years...The Metro line

All 5 Photos Copyright of Bob Crump

Working on West Bromwich station from the Ringway 31st July 1996


Looking towards the Gas Tank at Swan Village 31st July 1996 

 Looking towards Dartmouth Square 31st July 1996


 Metro opening 30th May 1999

 Hodgetts & Bowes, Oak Road c1990s

Many thanks to Barbara Humphreys for the next few cracking photos

 John Reynolds, Nails & Brads, Old Meeting St c1990s

This was where Staples on Carters Green is now

Who remembers getting the coach to Weston a bit further up the road from here at Hill's Travel ?


 Clinic at the corner of Coles Lane, Hill Top

This place filled me with dread....My dentist was in this building when I was a kid and I can still remember climbing up the steps at the side doorway which was in Coles Lane

 Bagnalls in Walsall St

The opening of B&Q killed off this shop, a shop which graced Walsall St for many, many years and a family name which was is well know in West Bromwich History.....Ironic that B&Q isn't in the Town now also !

 West Bromwich Town Band c1905

Many thanks to Tony Fleming from Malmesbury for the photo which shows his Great Uncle Jack Wilson in the front row with his clarinet, his son Norman became a professional clarinetist with the BBC Welsh Orchestra.

Tony doesn't know the names of any of the other players, or indeed any history of the Band.  If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated


 Chowen's Bakery 289 High Street, Easter 1929

Many thanks to David Chowen for the photo. Chowen's had 8 shops including one towards the Dartmouth Square end at 169 High Street. David's Grandmother Minnie Louise can be seen in the doorway

This shop was more or less opposite St Michaels and if you look towards the left of the photo you can see the K&J buildings

Photo copyright to David Chowen


 Yew Tree Bus at West Bromwich Bus Station c1970s

These were taken before the old B & Q was built, the Police Station can be seen in the background

Beeches Road c1950s 

 Official opening of the Gala Baths 'New' pool 1962

Many thanks to Christine Turner for this cracking photo. Youngsters from the Boroughs Schools were picked to be at the opening and Christine's future Husband, Geoffrey Turner representing Charlemont Senior School is the blonde boy on the left aged 14, he is now 62 !

 1931 Holy Trinity School Photo

Many thanks to Malcolm Gordon for the next few photos, his Aunt Joan Gordon is in the 3rd row from the front with the black squares, white dress on. Joan went to Cronehills later on and then worked for the Ashmore Family and Joe Asmore raced cars along with Gerald & Chris Ashmore

Malcolm on his Great Grandmothers Knee (Alice Rock nee Joy) with his Great Grandfather William Rock in 1945 at 53 Thomas Street, William was a safe maker, and we think it was at S. Withers at Roebuck Street

 S. Withers Safe Plate & Key Escutcheon c1880

S. Withers were in Roebuck Street and are known Worldwide for their quality work and anything to do with Withers Safes are now highly sought after and can command the price

(Many thanks to John Coulding from the Isle Of Wight for the photo)


  Malcolms Grandmother Mable Gordon nee Rock, again at 532 Thomas St, she lived all of her life in West Brom and worked at Lawleys for years

Malcolm's Father, Horace Gordon as a child, he changed his name to William Gordon years later as he wasn't keen on the name Horace


 William Gordon enlisting in 1938. William is on the back row 4th from the right with the specs on, William would be aged 20/21

High Street 1951

Taken from around where W H Smiths is now, looking towards St Michaels, The Great Western is on the left

 K & J Long Service Awards

Kindly donated by Anne Wilkins who is trying to find out a few names of the people on here and also the year

Anne's Cousin Elizabeth May Hallard (known as May) is towards the middle with the Zig Zag jumper on, sadly died in 1999 but she worked in many departments at K & J during her working there from when she left schiil until she retired.

Anne also wants to know where May Morgan (Nee paddock) is on the photo, she worked at K & J even longer than Anne's Cousin !


  1968 Cup Winners Homecoming

(Many thanks to John Nicholls for the photo, he is on the photo, towards the left, with his rattle, standing on the window of the insurance building !)

 Celebrations at Wembley after the 68 cup win !

(Many thanks to Chris in Australia for donating the next 2 photos. Her last match to see in England was the 1968 cup final, she emmigrated to OZ soon after the final on the "Ten Pound tourist" assisted passage scheme)

John Osbourne with the F.A. Cup at The Hawthorns

Policeman has the best place at the Hawthorns !

A packed Rainbow End

 Nearly !!

 Swan Village Pre-Fabs c1965

The next 2 photos Kindly donated by Chris in Australia


  Farley Fountain, Dartmouth Square 1903

Bus shelter by Farley Clock Tower, Carters Green c1910



High St, Hill Top c1900s
Many thanks to all of you who identified this location as looking towards Hill Top from West Brom. Hill Top School domes can be seen on the right.  The first house on the right with the double bay windows used to be the home and
surgery of Mr Hugh Jones the dentist which is still a dental surgery today as Dai Gingell Dentist (Thanks to Ian Southall for the info)
 School of Art c1900
The building is still there in Lodge Rd at the junction of Edward Street
 Ice Cream Bikes outside Trows c1940s
(Many thanks to Maud from Hobart, Tasmania for the photo)
 Crowd at The Hawthorns on match day c1950s
 Classic cars in Halfords Lane, by the Albion c1950s
 Dagger Lane c1900
 High Street, looking towards the Town Hall c1900
 Hallam Street being rebuilt c1925 (Many thanks to Mike Ashworth for the photo)
Hallam St being rebuilt by the BRC (British Reinforced Concrete Company) with the hospital (Workhouse) wall to the right
 Lodge Estate School 1931-32 (Many thanks to Steve Williams for the next 2 photos)
Steve's Dad, Ray Williams is right at the front on the extreme left. Also in this photo is Freddie Southall.  He owned Enterprise Garage in Broadwell Road, Oldbury for many years.  Both Steve and his Dad used to get their cars serviced there.  It was then passed on to his sons as Steve knows.  Steve dosen't know if he is still allive or not (he would be about 86 if he was)
Steve is pretty sure that Fred is second from the left, standing.  He could be two to the right of Dad, but I think he is the one standing.
Lodge Estate School Boys 1931
Steve wonders if this is the complete set of boys for the whole school at the time, also can anyone work out what the "ST2" stands for ?
  Black Lake School c1955-56 
Many thanks to Jan Parkes, nee Deeming for this fantastic shot. Jan lived in Ruskin Street Flats and Jan is the girl looking forward on the back row, the boy next but one to Jan, looking forward is Barry Hodgetts. Next to him David Edwards
The girl standing up in the white blouse is Linda Patrick who becme Linda Turton furture councillor/ deputy Mayoress West Bromwich. The other girl standing is name Jill Wassell. 
West Bromwich High Street c1900 (Thanks to Carol Anne Schwab in America for the next 2 photos)
 Dain & Morgan, High Street (Where abouts ?)
 Hall End Tavern (Rampa Tampa), Vicarage Road c1950/60s
This scene hasn't changed much today apart from the Off Licence on the right (Where we used to get a bottle filled up with beer for the Old Man) has now been bricked up 
Lyng view taken from 12th Floor of St Johns House 1968 (Thanks to Trevor Latham for the photo)
Lyng View of Wills House Flats from St John's House 1968 (thanks to Trevor Latham for the photo)
 Hill Top Park Fountain c1920s
 St James Church, Hill Top c1920s
Hill Top Schools c1920s (Humphrey Luggs building in the distance)
 Joseph Bates Printers (Which later became Caxton Printers) Annual works Dinner at the Dartmouth Hotel c1949 (Thanks to Richard Perry for the photo)
The above photo is one of the annual works dinners held by Joseph Bates printers at the Dartmouth Hotel. Their printing works were just down the road in Paradise
Richard's Mother's father, Fred Maynard, worked most of his life at Joseph Bates and often entertained at these dinners with a few songs. He is the one on the front row, arm over the chair holding a cigarette,sat next to Richards Nan, Nellie Maynard. Not sure of the year, but Fred died at just 64 in the influenza epidemic Jan 1951, so I would say this photo is post war but before Dec 1950.
The faces on this photo are quite clear so maybe some will be recognised.
Another event at the Dartmouth Hotel c1930-35 (Thanks again Richard !)
Richard doesn't know what the occasion was here, perhaps someone may recognise the event!
Richard's Dad's sister Gladys is on it with her husband Clyde Allen, but Richard doesn't see any other members of his dad's family there. Clyde is on the extreme right, second man back ( with moustache), Richard's aunt Gladys is seated to his left, she has wavy dark hair. Clyde was born in 1900 so Richard put this photo between 1925 -1930.
Black Lake School Play c1955 (Thanks to Judith for the photo) 
Judy can remember a few of the names :-
Lynn James, Carol Cashmore, Jacqueline Jukes, Christopher Shakespeare, Robert Hibbs, John Hinkinson, Judith Cartwright, Lindsay Brown, three unknown girls, Tony -.  In front, Keith Hodgetts and ? Simmons.
West Bromwich Youth Orchestra at Wednesbury Town Hall 1968
(Thanks to Richard Perry for the photo)
Under the baton of principal conductor - and head of schools music for the Borough - Jack Fryer, performing at Wednesbury Town Hall in 1968. Richard was in the horn section which was unfortunately missed off to the right of this shot. His late brother Doug (15) is sat playing Tuba on his own bit of stage!
Richard can name quite a few, but for starters:
Top left, Trombones: Graham Byng, Susan Hughes & Tony Pritchard - Tony (a.k.a. 'Ditch') went on to play in "Shep's Banjo Boys" on tour with "The Comedians".After a spell teaching music in B'ham he became a milkman in Shifnal - but ended up managing the dairy!
In front of the trombones - Trumpets: Jane Wharton, Andrew Thorne, Jeff Baggott, Peter Sills, Glyn Barratt & Tony Adams. Richard still sees Glyn Barratt twice a week at Langley Band rehearsals - Glyn's a retired head teacher and has been with Langley Band for over 40 years!
Richards brother went to the Royal Academy of Music, played for a year with the Bergen Symphony Orchestra, various concerts & recordings with: CBSO, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, BBC Welsh Orchestra, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, taught brass in the Kidderminster area before dying in a tragic accident at his home in Aug 1977 when just 24.
Sam Perry & his Boss
 This photo shows Richard Perry's Grandad, Sam Perry, the young chap on the left, with his boss  standing alongside a trap he's just finished c1908
 Sam served his apprenticeship with, and then worked for, a coach builder & and cabinet maker in Pleasant Street (off Sams Lane) before starting up his own Wheelwright & Blacksmith business off Bromford Lane c1910 till he died in 1960 (His yard & workshops are now the Coyne Road housing development.)
Richard spent many happy days there before starting school in 1956 and subsequently many hours watching him work learning how to use the many tools he had. 
Richard got to know many of the local horses when they came in for footwork too!
Amazingly Sam made nearly all his own tools, including chisels, spoke shaves, planes, mallets and even saws and drill bits!
 Often when Richards Dad came home from a full day as a maintenance engineer at Joseph Lucas, in Hockley, he would go straight to Sam's workshop to help carry red hot wheel tyres out into the yard where they would burn and shrink them onto the wheels made that day.
Richard can clearly remember the glow of the hot tyres lighting up the yard on dusky evenings, the smell of burning ash as the iron tyres where put on, the 'pong' released when cutting the elm wood used to make naffs (wheel hubs), warming himself by the forge and  turning a big wheel that drove the bellows to heat the coke to white hot - sparks flying everywhere!
Sam Perry, (left), with a set of the largest wheels he'd made to that time c1908
(ready for the iron tyres to be fitted)
Finished Horse & Trap built by Richard Perry's Grandfather, Sam Perry c1910
(We believe this was taken in Sandwell Road but we are not sure exactly where)
Lodge Estate School Photo c1924
(Richard Perry's Dad, William Arthur Perry is standing 2nd row up 4th from right)
Cronehills girls indoor school photo 1934
(Freda Maynard, Richard's Aunt 1st Left Back Row and his Mom, Nora Maynard is 3rd from left Back Row)

West Bromwich Albion Amateurs c1930

(Richard's Dad is the Goalkeeper middle back row)

Lodge Estate School class photo 1927

(Richard Perry's Mom and her twin sister are standing at the back, thanks to Richard for the photo)
Coronation Day Party, Lodge Estate School, June 1953
(Richard is sitting on his Mom's lap on the left and his cousin, Maurice Edmonds, is sat behind with Richard's Mom's twin sister. They were all given a Bible and Mug to commemorate Coronation day and Richard still has the Bible, shown below....The photo was taken by Maurice's Father, Stan Edmonds. Thanks to Richard Perry for the photo)
Bible given to Richard Perry for Coronation Day, June 1953
This Bible went to Sunday school with Richard every week for about 10 years. (St John's church next to Lyng Junior school till they demolished it, then the old Wesley Chapel)

Dagger Lane c1912

(Sot's Hole to the left of the house, with Hill House to the right.  The path leading to the road where the boy is sitting on the fence is still a right of way from the hospital car park today, thanks to Richard Perry for the photo)

 Airship LZ 127 "Graf Zeppelin" returning from America passing over West Bromwich 1935 © Richard Perry
(Many thanks to Richard Perry for this fantastic photo taken by his Father, William Arthur Perry. Richard & Steve have found out this is in Oak Rd end in Margaret Street, looking North and have supplies 2 photos underneath showing the same spot today


Cronehills Girls School Photo, Class 2B, 1932



(Richard Perry's Aunt, Freda Alice Maynard is 7th from the left 2nd row down)

Cronehills Girls School Photo, Class 2A, 1932 

(Richard Perry's Mom, Nora Winifred Maynard, twin sister to Freda in the previous photo, is 7th from left on 3rd row down)

West Bromwich ARP wardens c1942, Dartmouth Park

Richard Perry's Dad, William Arthur Perry - is 6th from the left on 2nd row up (always wore a collar & tie - even when digging the garden!)

A rare shot of Christ Church Interior c1910s
Wesley Chapel, High St, Church interior c1930s
Brockhouse Carnival Float c1969
(Thanks to Mark Nelson for the photo)
H. Beesley & Sons Leyland Tankers c1976
(thanks to Mark Nelson for the photos)
 Christ Church, High St c1900s (Where the Job Centre is now) 
SCM (Smith Corona) Typewriter Works, West Bromwich 
(Thanks to Lorraine Wheale for the next 6 photos)
Lorraine's Aunt & Uncle Mary & Howard Boilstone worked at Smith Corona for many years from Around the 1960s.
Lorraine's Mother remembers that Typewriter works used to operate on the High St, opposite Woolworths and they moved up to by the Albion Ground, around about where the Motorway M5 junction1 Island is, towards the Smethwick side.
Lorraine's Aunt Mary & Uncle Howard have passed on so Lorraine has no names for the people in the Photos, apart from Her Uncle Howard, Mary isn't in any of them and it would be great if anyone can come up with some more names and stories about Smith Corona 
SMC (Smith Corona Production Line (Howard Boilstone is 7th from the front, right hand line) 
Factory Group (Howard Boilstone 3rd from left)
Factory Group photo (Unknown)

Factory Group (Howard Boilstone on 5th from the left) 
Howard Boilstone on the left
 Works Outing at Stourport Severn Bridge

West Bromwich Carnival, taken from outside the B&Q on the Ringway c1990

(Thanks to Joanne for the photo) 

West Bromwich Borough Band, Grant Hall (Corner of Taylor's lane and Stoney Lane) c1961
(Thanks to Lorraine Wheale for the photo, her Uncle Howard Boilstone is on the back row, second from right) 

TOP L-R... Gwyn Davies, John Martin (Brother of Peter below), Dennis Emery, Tony Parsons, Howard Boilstone, unknown ?

2nd Row Down  L-R....Unknown ?, Peter Martin (Brother of John above), Cliff Powers, ?? Underhill, Unknown ?, Joe Washburn, Roger ???.

3rd Row Down  L-R.... Unknown ?, Brian Robinson, Tony Morris (Conductors Son), Unknown?, Dennis Webb, Keith Nicholls, Don Howard

SITTING  L-R ... Eric Handford, Unknown ?, Harry Withington, George Morris (Conductor & Musical Director), Frank Morrison, Reg Underhill, Joe Baggott

If you know any of the above or know the missing names please get in touch....Thanks to Richard Perry for the names

Vicar Laurie Skilton at St Philips Church c1977

(Thanks to Keith Colley for the next 2 photos)

 St Philips Church interior c1985

1977 Queens Silver Jubilee celebrations in Stanley Road 

Many thanks to Trevor for the next 11 photos

Mayor, Dennis Booton and his Wife, with their Driver in Stanley Road, looking towards Walsall Road with Mr Wood (in Dickie bow)

Mayor Dennis Bootonmeeting the residents

Mayor Dennis Booton at a Garage in Stanley Road which was used for the kids party when the weather turned

Kids Silver Jubilee Party (We know most of the kids names on these next 5 photos but we won't embarass them by naming them...if you want your name included just give us a shout !)

Above Photo..Karen Bratby, now Swift (My wife !) 4th from the right

Tram lines on West bromwich High Street c1910s
 West Bromwich District Hospital, Edward Street, West Bromwich c1910s
Crowther Brothers Undertakers in Paradise Street c1920s
Dartmouth Square c1900s
The next 4 photos were sent to me by Glenn Skeldon, who lives in Canada and his Grandfather was Fred Skeldon, who was born in West Bromwich in 1891
Fred Skeldon emmigrated to Canada in 1910 but he had a very colourful childhood.
He lived above the family butcher shop on the corner of Whitehall Road & Whitgreave Street, Greets Green
Fred told Glenn that the shop was across the street from the Greets Green School to one side and the 2 churches on the other side....a Wesleylan Chapel and a Methodist  Chapel.
Fred used to reel off many, many memories to Glenn about West Bromwich and kept a picture, and hung it in his house of what he thought was the Old Church on All saints Way (4th photo down), but we need a bit of help with this one as, to me, it isn't the Old Church, it just isn't sitting right with the building to the right of the tower and also the top of the tower isnt "castle" like, like it is now, but perhaps this is a really early portrait before any renovation work ??
Glenns Great Grandfather also emigrated to Canada in 1912, his name was Edward (Teddy) Skeldon
Glenn has written a biography of his Grandfather, Fred, hoping to get it published but Glenn is looking for a few photos to enhance the first few chapters and I have given some to Glenn to use but Glenn is looking for some more, so if you have any of the following please let me know
(1890s-1910s) of the Greets Green School, Lavender's Wharf  (a branch of the Birmingham Canal), football matches with the West 
Bromwich Albion or any of the following businesses: Carnuck's  Ammunition Works, Hudson's Soap Factory, Wright's Jam Factory or 
Palethorpes. Any photos of police constables of that era (as a young  boy, Fred was often in trouble with the law !!) would also be  great.

Being a butcher's son, he and his father made frequent trips to the  Bull Ring in Birmingham to purchase at the Dead Meat Market. Would anyone know how Glenn could access photos of the Bull Ring from that era? Also,  the Birmingham train station would be another valuable photo.

This Photo is looking down Whitehall Road.  The building with the Fry's Pure Cocoa sign was a dry good's store 
named "Teddy's" (Glenns Great-Grandfather) and it was attached to Skeldon  Butcher Shop.
The photo is of the Skeldon Butcher Shop on Whitehall Road  (right side) and the building with the smokestack on the left is a  brewery (Harry Darby's?). This would be about 1905.
 This photo is Glenns Great-Grandfather, Edward (Teddy) Skeldon who  owned the aforementioned businesses and who emigrated to Canada in 1912.
Now, this is the one we are stuck on !
This Picture hung on Freds wall at his house in Canada for years....is it the Old Church ??










c1960s View from the Brummie Road End looking towards the Smethwick End at the Albion (Thanks to Phil for the photos)

c1960s view of the Brummie Road End from the Smethwick Corner, showing the Scoreboard in the Woodman Corner

HOUSES IN NEWTON ROAD c1950 (Thanks to Phil Watkin, who's Uncle Jack is on the bike !)












 Farley Clock Tower, Carters Green c1900

  Dartmouth Park Boating Pool c1900
Nice shot with the boathouse on the left
1977 Queens Silver Jubilee Carnival
(photos donated by Rob)
Abbey National car in Garrett Street
Horse & cart in Garrett Street
Girl Band in Garrett Street
Getting involved in Garrett Street !
Nelson Street Silver Jubilee Party 1977
(It's hard to believe the changes of Nelson Street as it looks today)
 1967 Churchfields School End of Year Photos
These Photos were donated to the site by Gerald Griffiths who now lives in San Diego USA...can you put any names to them or better still, are you on them ?
1967 Elliot 5th year
1967 Just before they kicked them all out for good ! 
1967 Final day Group outside 'A' Block, with a great shot of the houses on All saint's Way 
1967 Final Day Group Shot 
 Boys from the 1967 Leaving Year outside the Swimming Pool
 Mr Pumphrey's (Bernard) Woodwork Class, last day of term 1967
Gala Baths c 1940s
(The next 3 photos were donated to the site by Anne Jessel from Reading and the Copyright belongs to Anne)
 Bridesmaids at Barbara Morris's Mother & Fathers wedding at Christ Church c1920s
(If you look closely you can see the Grammar School behind and that building on the right is now the HSBC Bank on the corner of High St and Lombard St)
Copyright Barbara Morris
 Barbara's Mother and Daughter Liz feeding the ducks at Dartmouth Park c1970
  Kings Cinema c1950s
 West Bromwich Train Station c1960s

 The "Evergreens" c1945
Many thanks to Annette Welch for the next few photos. The Evergreens were a 'concert party' who attended the Primative Methodist Chapel at Greets Green, Her Husband, Tony, is the boy on the left hand side of the first photo
 Edward & Sarah Welch (Tony's Mom& Dad from the above photos) who got married at Christ Church in 1927
THE ARCADE c1989/90
Thanks to Charlie for this photo of the Arcade taken at around the time of it's demise
(Thanks to Richard Perry for the photo)
On the left, playing trombone is Dennis Webb, next to him, on Eb bass, is Richards late younger brother - Douglas Perry - . Richard can just be seen in the middle - his face framed by the two instrument bells! The trombonist off to the right is Keith Lewis.
The chap on the big bass drum is 'Dickie' Bird, who was in the West Brom fire brigade
Note the road traffic island was still there then, and they had just marched from the Town Hall via New Street, long before it was cut off by the Expressway.
 CHURCHFIELDS ELIOT 5 PHOTO, SPRING 1967 (Thanks to Richard Perry for the photo)
Taken in house room upstairs in "A" block, opposite the original 6th form common room. Richard can't name them all but he has given me who he remembers, if you can fill in the gaps plese let us know (Gerald Griffiths from San Diego has also added a few names)
 Linda Garmon, Madeline ?, Gerald 'Gezza' Griffiths (behind), Chris Cook - 'Cookie', Jacqueline Smith, Alan Sheldon - 'Mitch' , Graham Holiday - 'Gibbo', Linda Hyde, Pamela Lewis , Michael Hadley, Christine Hunt (Now Chris Kemp)
The House Group Tutor that year was Mr Pumfrey - he taught woodwork

(Many thanks to Dave Steventon for the next few Albion Photos....The Post Office is on the left, if you look at the building today where all the people are on you wonder how on earth did they get on it ?)
 If you look at the above photo, the white banner coming out of the Prudential office window, that is in fact Dave Taylor who is now in Lichfield and he gave me the next photo !
(Many thanks to John Brigden who took these photos, more of John's Gala demolition photos are on the "WEST BROMWICH NOW GONE" page)

(Now demolished. Thanks to Charlie for the photo)

(Thanks to John Mason for the slide photo)

 Many thanks to Ann Kelly-Moran in Ireland for the next few photos of the Star & Garter

Ann's parents, Jim and Maura Kelly ran the Star in the late 1960s to early 1970s

 STAR & GARTER 1960s

Nice shot of the Star & Garter in the late 1960s, seems strange to see cars going past and a shop to the right, many of the younger generation don't realise that the Star was never on a corner like it is now !

Arthur & Winnie Douglas (who ran the Crown & Cushion by the Dartmouth Park Gates) at the Vinters Dance at the Gala Baths with Jim & Maura  late 1960s

Jim & Maura behind the Lounge Bar

The opening of the Star & Garter Steak Bar in 1972

Mary Kelly (Anne's Nan) Ernie Bowater (who worked for the Birmingham post & Mail) and Fr Tom O'Connor who was Parish Priest at St Michaels

 Barman Ted Boddison taking Judy the dog for a walk in West Bromwich 1968

This photo appeared in the Express & Star as part of their "One man and his dog" series

Barman Frank Riordan behind the Bar

Frank came from Cork, Ireland and worked at the Star for years and eventually moved to the Sandwell and then the Jinglers, which was his last port of call, he retired from there after many years service to the Pub trade, Frank died not long ago and his funeral was huge.

Frank was well known in the Town and also in the Irish community and I doubt if we will ever see a better barman again

Frank in the Gun Room

Frank in 2005



This scene hasn't changed much over the years, the house on the right is still there, the building in the middle is still there but is now some kind of Temple but the building on the left has been demolished to be replaced by another TempleT




(Many thanks to Carol Hartill & Rita Gibson for the photos)

 UPPER HIGH St, (TOWARDS BIRMINGHAM Rd) c1900s (Thynne St on the right, Trinity St on left)

(Thanks to Carol Ann Schwab from USA for the next 2 photos)



Thanks to Roy Edwards for the next 2 photos, these came from Colin Wheeler who used to live in the house on Newton Rd


Same house in Newton Rd, just after they widened the Road