View from the top of Herbert Street Bridge (just past the Lodge) 1/3/09

 Lodge & St Philips Church (Beeches Rd) from the bridge

Herbert Street / Beeches Road Entrance

The house at the Herbert Street entrance is the Herbert Street Lodge, and is lived in by a ranger who works from Sandwell Park Farm

There was once a house that extended into the park called Coopers Hill House, which was close to the Herbert Street entrance, and it would be wonderful if we could find a picture of this house!!



After a lot of hard work Dartmouth Park has just been awarded £4.4 million from the Heritage Lottery to help towards restoring the historic Dartmouth Park and the future looks really interesting. Here are a few Photos showing the Park now

War Memorial 23/10/08

View of the 2 Pools in Autumn 23/10/08

Looking across the boating pool towards where the Boathouse & Aviary was 23/10/08

Wildlife on the Boating Pool 23/10/08

Where the Boat Landing Stage once stood 23/10/08

Where the Boathouse & Aviary once stood with the Bowling Green behind 23/10/08

Old Steps going down to the Bowling Green 23/10/08

Views of the Bowling green 23/10/08

Taken from the Bowling Green looking towards where the back of th Boathouse was 23/10/08

Where the Paddling Pools were once 23/10/08

Where the Playground stood when I was a kid, looking towards the Dagger lane Entrance 23/10/08

From the Old Playground looking towards where the Childrens Paddling Pools once stood 23/10/08

Flowerbed in Autumn at the Dagger Lane Entrance 23/10/08