Some of the Photograps and Postcards shown here have been very kindly donated by Carol who is the secretary of the Friends of Dartmouth Park.


 Cricket by the bandstand & Pavilion 1912

Dartmouth Park Main Entrance & Lodge c1900-1910s

Dartmouth Park Boathouse c1930s

Dartmouth Park Bandstand & Pavilion c1900

Dartmouth Park Entrance c1920s


Cycling past the Pavilion c1960s

Many thanks to Alan for this excellent photo showing the Pavilion

Children by the Drinking Fountain with Cafe Pavilion c1900

Dartmouth Park Entrance c1900

Dartmouth Park Entrance c1900s

Woman with umbrella looking at the Pools c1900

Early view of the Pavilion c1900s

Bandstand & Pavilion c1900s

Flower Bed c1920s

Man reading in The Avenue in Dartmouth Park c1930s

Sandwell Hall c1900s

Sandwell Hall c1700s

Sandwell Hall Arch c1920s

Boathouse & Aviary c1980

Ernie & Joe Timmins on the Boating pool c1920s?

Park Workers (including Bill Finney)

Staffordshire Regiment Freedom of West Bromwich March Past, Dartmouth Park 1949


Below are Photo kindly donated by the Staffordshire Regiment Museum (With the Help Of Anne Wilkins), Whittington Barracks, Lichfield, see this link... 

It will be their 60th anniversary of the freedom of West Bromwich and if there are any celebrations to mark the occasion I will let it be known on here

Brig Dawes Accepts Freedom Scroll West Bromwich

Band & Drum 1SSR West Bromwich Freedom Parade 1949

2Lt Hall & Major Stuckey West Bromwich 1949

Inspection of Battalion Freedom March West Bromwich 1949.

Copyright disclaimer for the Staffordshire Regiment Museum for the above 5 photos

Sandra and Wendy by the Boating Pool 1961

Boathouse in the distance (Thanks to Geoff, Sandra and Wendy's Dad for the Photo)

People by the Monkey House c1940s

At a guess I would say this was taken just after the war becaus of the uniform on the man sitting down ? (Thanks to Geoff for the Photo)

Man by boats on Boating Pool Postcard 1913

Sent to Reverend Hugh Towl, Dalesford, West Bromwich, Postmarked West Bromwich 1913....No Idea where Dalesford was but I believe that the reverend Towl was involved with Football in North Devon

Dartmouth Park with the Pit Mounds in the distance

Children by the Tennis Courts c1910s

Pavilion with Pool in Foreground c1910s

View of Boating Pool and Boathouse

View of Upper Pool

Old Bandstand in the New Position c1910s

Children by the Path by the Pavilion

Girls close to the War Memorial c1930's

Taken from just inside the Park Gates

The Pools, Dartmouth Park c1950s

Published by Tuck's, Real Photo number WB5

View of people in Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich c1950's

I believe this was taken from the Herbert Street Entrance. The 2 boy's in the photo have just been fishing !

Dartmouth Gardens, looking towards the War Memorial c1950's

Taken from just inside the Park Gates

Postcard of Women with pram by the Refreshment Rooms, Dartmouth Park sent to Malvern in 1912

Published by Harold Bott, Birmingham and sent to the Malvern Link, postmarked West Bromwich 1913

Postcard of Children in Dartmouth Park Paddling Pool sent to Blackpool in 1931

Real Photograph Postcard sent to Alexandra Rd, blackpool and postmarked West Bromwich 1931

Dartmouth Park Postcard c1910's

Unused Postcard, No publisher...I believe this was taken just in front of the cafe which got burnt down in 1983

Early view of people sitting by the trees in Dartmouth Park 1900s

Early Postcard (Many thanks to Evan in Union, Maine, United States for the postcard)

Postcard of Fountain & Path in Dartmouth Park, sent to Blackpool in 1927

Real Photo Postcard published by Edwards & Co, Birmingham and sent to Blackpool North Shore, Postmarked West Bromwich 1927

View of Dartmouth Park, West Bromwich Postcard sent to Walsall 1912

Postcard showing what was to become the bird aviary across the boating pool, sent to Walsall Wood and postmarked Tipton 1912

West Bromwich mv Postcard sent to Calais, France in 1932

Dartmouth Park Multiview Postcard sent to Calais, France in 1933

Postcard of the 'Monkey House' + refreshment rooms on Dartmouth Park Pool sent to Walsall in 1912

The long gone 'Monkey House' (So called because people used to sit there and the children used to climb over it)By Dartmouth Park Pool. The building on the hill in the background was the refreshment rooms which got burnt down in 1983...Postcard sent to Walsll Wood and Postmarked West Bromwich 1912

"Patriotic flower bed", Dartmouth Park, 1st world war

Unused Postcard showing the flower bed in the park during the First World War in 1915 (Thanks to Carol! A wonderful website with loads of info about Dartmouth Park)