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Ring Of Bells, All Saints Street (Way) c1910s

Dartmouth Square c1960s

Showing Broadhead's and the clock on the left, Timothy Whites and Burton's tailors on the right. Broadhead's has long gone and Pizza Hut now takes it's place

Trams at Carters Green c1940s

Christ Church, & Gardens of Rembrance, High Street c1950s

The impressive Christ Church was demolished after a fire and the local Job Centre is now in it's place and the building to the left is now the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registery

Christmas Party at the Royal British Legion, Victoria Street c1950s

Recognise anyone ??...Thanks to Alan for the Photo (Alan is the one right in the middle...to the right of the Woman holding the child)

Children & Houses in Poplar Avenue c1920s

Poplar Avenue is situated between Beeches Road and the High street off Nicholls Street, close to where Trinity Way Expressway is now. Alan reckons that the land these children are standing on was used, during the war, as a man built pond holding water to help the Fire Brigade hold water to help with dousing the fires during a bombing raid

EMB Football Team Photo c1900

EMB was situated at the top of Oak Road, more or less opposite where Millers was (Thanks to Alan for the Photo)

Guns Village Boys School Festival Of Britain Class Photo 1951

Recognise anyone ?...Alan is the Boy on the back row 6th from the right with all the badges on !

Joan & Ivy on Greets Green "Rec" showing Claypit Lane Pre-Fabs in background

Thanks to Geoff (Ivy's Husband) for the photo

Farm before the Navigation on the Walsall Road c1959

Sandra Lester (Geoff's Daughter) at the farm

The Roebuck Pub, New Street/Walsall Street

Taken from just outside Webs the Funeral Directors, shop next door is Atkins the grocers, this spot is now the car park for the Police station (Thanks to Geoff & John for the photo)

Ebenezer Anniversary

Ebenezer Chapel was built in Old Meeting Street, Carters Green in 1839 and is still there but with a change of religion. Don't know when this was taken. Thanks to Carol for the photo

West Bromwich High Street looking South c1950s

Showing, on the left, the Ruskin Hall Billiards club above the sweet shop, the Anchor Pub and The Westminster Bank with K&J in the distance and St Michaels spire on the right. Published by Tucks, Number WB2

Trows Sweets & Ice Cream Shop c1920s

Owned by Edward Trow and situated at 26 Bull Street, famous locally for it's home made Ice Cream

The Tower Cinema, Carters Green 1935

The Tower Cinema close to it's Grand Opening showing Madeleine Carroll in the 39 Steps 9th December 1935. Madeleine Carroll was born in 32 Herbert Street (Now 44) West Bromwich

People by Carters Green Clock Tower Postcard c1900s

Unused, Published by Farmer's Series, Darlaston

Early view of the Farley Clock Tower, Carters Green c1900s

Published by Valentines, taken from near to where the Y.M.C.A is now

Oak House Postcards c1910s

Houses in Dagger Lane, West Bromwich c1930s 

Houses at the top of Dagger Lane, Photo taken right outside the Dagger Lane Park gates (Many thanks to John for the help)

Taken from more or less the same spot on 23/10/2008

West Bromwich m.v. Postcard, High St, Park, Town Hall, Clock Tower c1950s

A unused West Bromwich multi-View Postcard showing scenes from around West Bromwich c1950s (Thanks to Jim in Hobart, Tasmania for the scan)

King George VI Coronation Street Party, Thomas Street, West Bromwich 12th May 1937

Many thanks to Geoff Lester for this photo showing the 1937 King George VI Coronation Street party held in Thomas Street, Geoff is the Little Fellow in the middle row towards the right, in front of the big man on the back row with the suit & tie on

Geoff !

All Saints Church (Old church) c1900's

Taken from about where the junction between Arlington Road and All Saints Way is now

All Saints Church Postcard sent to Willenhall in 1904

All Saints Church Postcard sent to Willenhall and postmarked with a West Bromwich Oval Duplex (868) cancellation 1904

Pound & Old Church Postcard sent to Aberystwyth in 1913

Sent from Elwell Street, West bromwich to Aberystwyth and postmarked 1913. Postcard showing the Horse Pound from the Ring Of Bells Pub, with the Church in the distance

The Ring Of Bells, where they sold the Beer by the Pound, All Saints Way postcard 1910's

Unused Postcard of the famous Pub which "Sold the beer by the Pound" The Ring Of Bells....The Pound being the Horse Pound in front of the pub which also used to house the stocks where people used to be held in. The pub has long gone but part of the wall can still be seen today to the left of the now really busy All saints Way

People by Heath Lane Cemetery Gates From Vicarage Road c1900s

This scene has not changed much, taken from right in the middle of Vicarage Road. The Spire in the middle of the Cemetery went in, I believe, the 1970s

Heath Lane Cemetery Gates Postcard sent to Balsall Heath 1908

Number 38 (Tantany) and 22 (West Smethwick) buses in Paradise Street 1965

Photo taken for a Bus Study Survey on 25th February 1965 in Paradise Street outside the Employment Exchange with Caxton Printers behind the buses

Single Decker Bus in New Street, West Bromwich 1965

Photo taken for a Bus Study Survey on 25th February 1965 close to Proffit & Westwood the seed merchants, behind them was the Salter Works

Single and Double decker Buses by the Old Market 1965

Photo taken for a Bus Study Survey on 25th February 1965 with the Old Indoor Market on the right

Number 53 Aldridge and Scott Arms buses in Dartmouth Square 1965

Photo taken for a Bus Study Survey on 25th February 1965

Buses lined up in Paradise Street, Dartmouth Square 1965

Photo taken for a Bus Study Survey on 25th February 1965 showing the Employment Exchange on the left

Classic Cars on the High Street, West Bromwich c1950's

Taken on the High Street near to K&J with the Midland Electricity Board on the right along with Martin's Bank and the spire of St Michaels Roman Catholic Church....The Ladybird Shop (where, as a kid, Mom used to buy my clothes from) was on the right down towards the church (Thanks to Christian in Berlin, Germany for the photo)

Very Early High Street Scene from Dartmouth Square, Pre 1900s?

This is a realy early scene of The High Street, taken from around about where Woolworths is now. If you compare this scene with the next scene below this one, you will notice that St Michaels church spire is not built and all you can see in the distance is the Town Hall spire

High Street from Dartmouth Square, West Bromwich c1910's

Taken from the Dartmouth Square end of the Town, with St Michaels Church spire on the left with the Town Hall spire behind that. Shops on the right include Weldons Fashions and J. W. Haylock Ltd

High Street from Dartmouth Square, West Bromwich c1900's


Unused Postcard Published by Valentines taken from Dartmouth Square. Perry's shop behind the fountain later become Broadheads

People in Dartmouth Square c1920/30s

Unused Postcard from around the1930s at the junction af High Street and Paradise Street